From the happiness of the judges to the request of the festival secretary to hold it annually

According to the news headquarters of the 100 International Film Festival, the closing ceremony of the 10th international festival of 100-second films of the art field on Friday night, March 14, with the presence of prominent cultural, artistic and cinema figures of the country, including Mohsen Momeni Sharif, the head of the art field, Mohammad Reza Jafari Jaloh, the head of Network Two Sima, Mahmoud Salahi, head of the cultural and artistic organization of Tehran Municipality, Mohammad Hamzezadeh, vice president of cinema and head of Sore Cinema Development Organization, Fadel Nazari, artistic deputy of the artistic field, Mohammad Hossein Niromand, head of the Revolutionary Cinema and Holy Defense Association, Alireza Qazweh, director of the Center for Literary Creations of the artistic field, Ali Ghorbani , the secretary of this festival and the director of the center of circles and festivals of the art field, Hengameh Ghaziani, Asghar Hammet, Mahmoud Azizi, Jamshid Jahanzadeh, Mohammad Reza Shafa, Bahram Azimi, Behzad Khodavisi, Abdul Hamid Qadirian, Hossein Parsai, Hadi Moghadamdoost and dozens of film and television directors and actors. It was held in the hall of thought of the artistic field.


100-second films are prime examples of pure art

While thanking the organizers of this festival, Mohsen Momeni Sharif, the head of the art department, said: We had a fruitful festival in the field of cinema and I hope that this festival will be even more fruitful in the coming years.

Referring to the book "Herbert Reed" art historian and researcher entitled "The Meaning of Art" translated by Professor Najaf Daryabandi, he said: This book is an old work and most of the present friends have probably read it. In this work, Herbert Reed points out that pure art has a soul that all works of art have a relationship with.

Momeni Sharif continued: In the examples he presents, he has mentioned works of music, poetry, stories, paintings, etc. I think that if Herbert Reed was in our time and saw 100-second film works, he would definitely mention them as works of art that have a wonderful relationship with the spirit of art.

The head of the art department stated: The films of this festival, as examples of pure art, speak pure words in only 100 seconds and leave a special impact on their audience. In this sense, the successful filmmakers of this field should be congratulated.

Mr. Momeni, help us to hold the 11th session in 1995

Ali Ghorbani, the secretary of the 10th International Film Festival 100, spoke for 100 seconds in this ceremony. He said: I sincerely thank all the 981 people who participated with 1,600 and 78 works in the national competition section and 700 works in the international section of this festival for making this festival flourish.

He continued: I must also thank the directors of the previous editions of the festival who brought this festival to maturity, especially my dear friend who chose the beautiful slogan of "Cinema of Morals" for this festival, that is, Dr. Fazel Nazari.

The director of the Center for Art Circles and Festivals said: This festival does not belong to the art field, but belongs to all the people of Iran, and all of us will try as much as possible so that the works of this festival can be seen in the city, subway stations, television and visual media. Iran has taken a step.

Ghorbani stated that today our world needs moral messages more than ever, and added: Let's join hands to support the 100 film festival and take a step in presenting moral messages in an artistic way in the society and help to reform the social ethics of our society. let's do

At the end of his speech, the secretary of the 10th 100 Film Festival said: My last words are addressed to Mr. Momeni, the honorable director of the artistic field; This festival should be held annually, we hope that with your help we will be able to hold the 11th edition of this festival in 1995.

In the closing ceremony of the 10th 100 Film Festival, two of the winners of the Ethics Award gave a speech; "Hengameh Ghaziani" and "Hadi Mohammadian".